TKO Soaps

Soap Bar Sampler Pack


Approximately 8 oz of soap in generous sample sizes pieces packaged in an attractive wooden crate.

Not sure what scent profile rocks your world? Indulge your senses with our Sample Variety Pack, a curated collection of artisanal soaps featuring an array of scents. Each bundle offers a captivating blend of fragrances, from refreshing citrus bursts to soothing floral notes and warm, comforting aromas.

Included samples will be randomized per set. No two sets are exactly the same*! Once you have tested your treats, shop the site to buy full sized versions of your favorites. Act fast though - many of our soaps are limited productions! 

*If you order more than one pack, we will do our best to give you the largest variety available at the time of purchase, but there is a possibility of some repeats.